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  • Quality and environmental protection are basic prerequisites for the satisfaction of our customers and the resulting competitiveness, combined with the economic success of the company.
  • In order to fulfill the zero-error requirement, we operate according to clearly formulated policies. All customer specifications and requirements must be complied with.
  • We maintain an active information and communication relationship with employees, suppliers, customers, authorities, neighbours and the public. In doing so, we pay attention to information security of internal and external data, values and systems in order to maintain confidentiality and ensure ongoing operations.
  • The basis of our responsible interaction with society is the obligation to observe and comply with all relevant legal regulations, standards and customer requirements.
  • In addition, we want to save energy, permanently improve our work processes and minimize our environmental footprint as far as possible.
  • Constant improvements, combined with innovations, are the motor for competitiveness and continuous success.
  • Ensuring employee satisfaction and awareness of quality, environment & energy as well as information protection, health and safety at work are permanent management tasks throughout the entire company.
  • Our employees are informed and trained about the importance of their work for quality, environment, occupational safety and information protection.
  • As a company we have social responsibility. Therefore we pay attention to appropriate diligence in regards of product safety, sustainable conservation of resources and minimization of potential risks for all parties involved as well as the environment.
  • We are committed to providing safe working conditions, promoting the health of our employees and supporting them with demand-oriented programs.
  • Mutual respect, openness and the recognition and appreciation of differences are an integral part of VENTREX’s corporate culture. Diversity for us means to consider differences between people regarding gender, skin colour, language, ethnic, cultural and religious values, marital status, age, social status and sexual orientation, positively. These differences are also present in VENTREX. It is therefore important to pay special attention to the issue of diversity and not to see any disadvantage in the differences, but to recognise and appreciate this diversity. We appreciate diversity to the fullest and regard this property of individualism as an enormous competitive advantage.