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Driven by Innovation

Consistent innovation in all operational areas is the basis of sustainable growth. The foundation consists of internal R&D, the in-sourced production in Europe and a global division of labour in the supply chain.
Thereon the company’s two growth-pillars are based:
On the one hand, the expansion of the existing product range in our challenging core competency, automotive, on the other, the creation of new business areas.
All products share the goal of compliance with technical requirements of today and tomorrow, such as environmental compatibility.
Our own demand to ourselves clearly defines VENTREX’ future: proceed in research and development, technology and manufacturing on a highly competitive standard.

Car manufacturers are facing challenging objectives to reduce emissions and comply with strict governmental norms concerning the reduction of fleet-average emissions. These goals can only be reached with strict attention to detail. Hence VENTREX develops its products in close cooperation with car manufacturers and, as part of the whole, contributes to reducing emissions. Consequently, smallest details have lasting effects on the whole world.

All of our products and operations are subject to strict quality management. We demand and foster innovative thought for development, flawless operation in production and take responsibility towards our customers, suppliers, employees and environment.

All of the above pervades our daily operations and results in our developments and productions to receive global resonance.