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CNG Components

VENTREX is the pioneer for CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) electronic pressure regulation focused on efficient solutions for our customers.

The electronic pressure regulator is an electro-mechanical valve to continuously adjust the gas pressure demanded by the ECU of the natural gas vehicle. It reduces the system pressure of max.
260 bar to 2 – 12 bar according to the instantaneous requirement.

In development, we focus on reducing the complexity in order to make the overall systems more efficient.

Key Facts for VENTREX’s CNG Components at a glance:

  • 10 years automotive serial production
  • Clean Room assembly conditions
  • 100% end of line check, including leakage test
  • All CNG components are examined and certified by ECE R110, ANSI AGA NGV3.1 and ISO15500.

VENTREX specialises on automotive CNG Components, which comply with highest quality requirements. The product portfolio ranges from electronic pressure regulators in different designs to safety tank valves in interior and exterior design and end plugs, equipped with several distinct safety features.

Your personal contact for CNG Components:

Patrick Pfeifer: patrick.pfeifer@ventrex.com

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  • Electronic Pressure Regulator Evolution 2 – EPR EVO 2

  • Electronic Pressure Regulator Evolution 3 – EPR EVO 3

  • External Tank Valve

  • Internal Tank Valve

  • Audi A3 g-tron CNG System

  • VW Polo 1,0 TGI