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Smart Valve Engineering for Integrated LNG Valve Units

This development project focuses on smart, integrated cryogenic valve units providing the opportunity to reduce the overall complexity and simplify the valve technology on LNG tanks. Functional integration of various individual components into compact valve blocks reduce external sealing points. Compact design leads to reduced space requirements. Electronically controlled valve technology and possibility of sensor integration for on-board diagnostics, allow an increase in effectivity and energy efficiency.


LNG Tank model equipped with VENTREX cryogenic valve blocks


Automotive Thermal Management Valve Technology for Electric Cars

In order to meet future requirements regarding range and compliance with fleet targets, an efficiently designed cooling-cycle for electric cars is crucial.  So that these tasks can be mastered, we have developed an electronic expansion valve, which combines systemic versatility with a  modular package. Integrated functions enable the use of a large variability in heat pump systems, while at the same time reducing system complexity.

VENTREX expansion valve technology for thermal management in electric cars


Connected Valve – Digitalisation of Existing Valve Technology

This development project for our sister company VTI Ventiltechnik in Germany, focuses on the enhancement of mechanical systems through incorporating electronic functionality, ensuring increased security in the system as well as user-friendliness. Smart digitalised valve technology enables remote maintenance, automatic logging function as well as automatic alarm signals ensuring increased safety for end users.


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